The future of climate change is in our hands. But it’s no secret that we’ve been doing a crappy, crappy job.

Global warming has been happening for years but many still treat it like a joke. “Who cares?” might not be the words we say, but it’s the attitude we exhibit as we push our problems onto future generations.

Already we’re seeing everything from record high temperatures in Antarctica to rising sea levels flooding out entire cities along coastal regions worldwide. As CO2 levels continue to rise due largely to industrialization processes like burning fossil fuels (which release greenhouse gases), we’ll see more evidence that proves what happens when you don’t take this problem seriously.

And you know what? At Leasly it’s not just lip service — we really do care about helping the environment! Recently we’ve set ourselves on the path to environmental-friendly causes with our new initiative: carbon offsetting!

Here’s why this is so important.

What is carbon offsetting?

So what’s carbon offsetting all about? Well, to put it simply it’s a way for high-polluting companies, like car companies, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The concept revolves around the idea of finding an activity that helps remove some of YOUR OWN CO2 like funding eco-friendly projects in other countries or supporting initiatives to plant more trees in the rainforest.

It’s a damn cool idea.

After every purchase, Leasly enacts a carbon offset token, and in doing so supports eco-friendly initiatives that absorb excess heat kicked up during industrialization. Every little bit helps!

(Heck, I just saw someone throw an entire McDonald’s Happy Meal out their window! Nice example you’re setting there for your kids)

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Simple yet effective
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To explain carbon offsetting one more way: you calculate your own carbon emissions, then you fund a project located elsewhere that works on reducing emissions.

Currently Leasly is partnering with San Franciso-based company TerraPass which provides carbon offsetting products to hundreds of individuals and businesses around the world! They’re the best in the biz, and we settle for nothing less than the best.

Is carbon offsetting really helping the world?

We strongly feel that going carbon neutral is the next big thing after going plastic-free or driving electric cars. When it comes to saving the environment, small yet practical ideas are needed. While carbon offsetting isn’t the entire answer to preserving our atmosphere, it’s a piece of the puzzle – a crucial, salient piece.

Now more than ever we need to stop talking about climate change and start doing something (no matter how little).

Momentum is the key to winning this fight.

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All of the carbon offsetting programs that we use

Individual efforts to cut off carbon and other greenhouse emissions are always appreciated. However, they are not as effective as emission projects on a larger scale. To achieve global goals in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, we employ the following strategies:

1) Gas capture

The idea of capturing and limiting a greenhouse gas to a specific place is not new; it has been done before in the form of projects like methane-based power plants. The cool thing about this option is that the actual methane captured can also be used to generate power!

This means we double-dip on helping the environment and saving on energy bills. (it’s the one case where double-dipping is allowed!)

2) Use of renewable energy sources

This method is pretty straightforward: We’ll support a company using clean energy sources instead of burning fossil fuels. The most popular example of this is generating electricity from wind power.

3) Forest gas storage

Okay, strap in for this one because it’s really freaking neat! Plants absorb carbon dioxide and store them in their roots which causes them great health benefits such as increased growth rates or protection against pests.

This is why planting trees, especially after cutting down an old one, is essential for sustainability!

It’s important to note here to be weary of scams in carbon offsetting.  Because carbon offsetting projects are executed elsewhere, there are high chances of getting ripped off. This is why we’re partnered with TerraPass to ensure every dollar spent at Leasly is matched by helping fight climate change.

Why we need to take the lead

The auto sector is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gases. Whether it’s the auto manufacturers who use, on average, 30,000 parts of plastic to make a car (about 1/3 of the vehicle) or the greedy fat cats in the oil markets who only care about their bottom dollar.

We can’t let guys like these win.

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Going green is a big challenge for the auto industry. It’s why history is going to look back fondly on car companies that made steps towards sustainability and bitterly towards those who put on a whole song and dance with nothing actionable to show.

Leasly, being a big name in the leasing market, is going to do its part by opting for carbon offsetting. It is an excellent option for other auto-affiliated businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Take away

So, what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon and help make this world a better place to live in!

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. And we have the best team of experts who can guide you with the right carbon offsetting tools and educational resources.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option when it comes to leasing a vehicle, look no further than Leasly.