New Report Shows Leasing Will Contribute to $119 Billion Market

The world is rapidly urbanizing, which means that more people are living in big cities than rural areas. This has both pros and cons for society but one way it can be seen positively is by looking at how many countries have started recommending citizens use public transportation, rideshare, or lease eco-friendly vehicles instead of driving old gas-guzzling cars. Take this new report published by Facts & Factors (the leading

Why Lenders Are Missing out on Massive opportunity

When it comes to buying a car, most people today turn to the internet for help. According to research from J.D. Power, 83% of buyers start their search online – and that number is only going up. With so many people looking for information online, it’s no wonder that car dealers are turning to digital retail as a way to reach new customers and sell more cars. But what about
Used Car Leasing

Why Used Car Leasing is a Powerful Tool For Dealers

If you’re a car dealer, then you know that leasing is becoming an increasingly popular option for consumers. In fact, leasing is growing at such a fast clip that many people are now even choosing to lease used cars instead of new cars.    It might seem counterintuitive that someone would want to lease a used car, but as the credit market has dried up in recent years more people
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Used Car Leasing

Why Dealers Are Making More Money Through Leasing

Leasing is the fastest-growing market in auto finance. Point blank period, end of story. Leasing has grown because it can be cheaper than buying a new vehicle and provides guaranteed residual values and low monthly payments.   Truthfully, leasing has become an especially important market to customers who want to minimize cash outlay or lower their monthly payments without substantially increasing the time they finance a vehicle over retail installment contracts