4 Keys to Preparing Your Dealership for a Recession

Everyone knows that a recession is coming. Wait, you knew that a recession was coming… right? Anyway, the signs are everywhere: the ongoing war in Ukraine, supply chain issues across the board, and many countries in Europe are already experiencing stagflation. Here are 4 keys to preparing your dealership for a recession. In times before a recession… Some 81% of U.S. adults are worried about a recession hitting this year, according
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The Old Way of Buying Cars is Dead. This is What’s Next

The old way of buying cars is dead, long live the new way of buying cars! This may sound like a revolutionary statement, but it’s true. The days of haggling with a car salesman are coming to an end. Why? Because customers are changing their buying habits. More and more people are choosing to buy cars online, and this trend is only going to continue in the years ahead. Not only that,

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A Warning for The US Car Market

The Russian-Ukraine war has been going on for months now and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. This has caused a lot of problems for businesses in the United States and the car market is no exception. Car dealers are worried about the future of their industry, and with good reason. The Russian war has had a number of impacts on the U.S. car market some of which are

Why Our Business Strategy is Better for the Environment

The future of climate change is in our hands. But it’s no secret that we’ve been doing a crappy, crappy job. Global warming has been happening for years but many still treat it like a joke. “Who cares?” might not be the words we say, but it’s the attitude we exhibit as we push our problems onto future generations. Already we’re seeing everything from record high temperatures in Antarctica to rising sea levels

Cryptocurrency In Auto: Four Use Cases That Will Better Our Industry

Crypto is objectively dead. It had a good run but the huge bubble just popped. It turns out cryptocurrency is no better than tulips, beanie babies, or a fidget spinner… Of course, the honest truth is: all of this has been said countless times. (446 times to be exact) Cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere; and the only thing that’s “dead” are the companies who choose not to opt into blockchain technology. According

What Leasly Does Better Than Other Digital Car Marketplaces

Leasly is the newest player in the digital car marketplace – but we’re quickly becoming one of the best. We’re a company that is dedicated to making it possible for you to order a car from the comfort of your home, using only your computer or smartphone. We believe that technology should make our lives easier, and that’s what we’re trying to do with Leasly. Are we the first to