Dealer Owned Finance Captive

Put finance back in your finance department

Introducing a first of its kind, Dealer Owned Finance Captive.

Leasly is on a mission to provide dealers with more control over their consumer lending options. A decentralized auto finance solution allowing them to leverage their reinsurance company or dealer owned warranty company to fuel a full-fledged captive lender. We’re leveraging the capital generated by these tax advantaged structures and turning them into an in-house profit center aimed at double-digit returns. You’re investing in yourself and your dealership. As your own auto lessor, you’ll receive even greater tax benefits, including depreciation deductions, EV, and sales tax trade-in credits. submit and print paperwork in a seamless workflow.

Leasing in a box.

We provide our dealer “Leasing in a Box” which would give your customers the option to lease a car without going through a traditional captive. This would be a great way to win more business, provide customers with additional financing options and retain your customers through multiple sales cycles.

Invest in your own dealership for guaranteed ROI.

With a DOFC you are no longer at the mercy of the banks. You are in control of your own interest rates, F&I products, and underwriting guidelines. This means you can offer more competitive rates to your customers, win more business and generate greater profits both on the front and back end of your deals.

Never let a deal leave your showroom. ​

Customers are looking for dealerships that have an edge that can provide them with the best financing options. Today’s customer is the most knowledgeable and educated consumer than ever before. A DOFC is that edge, and now is the time to start your own.

Call 888-8LEASLY to see if your Reinsurance Company or Dealer Owned Warranty Company is eligible for a Leasly DOFC

Now with Leasly, we’ve created a turn key auto finance company to serve and grow your own client base. We all know leasing generates customer retention. Now we’ve taken that one step further to create extreme customer loyalty with your own lease and we want to make sure you come along for the ride.